Logitech Mediaserver for Debian Stretch armel


After I had updated my Qnap TS119 NAS from Debian Jessie to Debian Stretch the Logitech Mediaserver (Squeezebox Server) stopped working, probably due to a updated perl version. As the latest deb package didn't work also I had to build the package on my own.

Build process

  1. Get the source repositories from Github

  2. Arrange them to the required folder structure
    Rename slimserver to server, slimserver-platforms to platforms and slimserver-vendor to vendor. The working folder should now look like that:

  1. Build the CPAN packages
    Make sure that the Debian package libmodule_install_perl is installed. Then go to vendor/CPAN/ and run buildme.sh.
    If it complains about missing zlib that is probably due to a failing ldconfig in the script as it requires root privileges. Check if the libraries are installed and remove the check from buildme.sh or run it as root (not recommended).
    When the build process has completed without errors copy the folder vendor/CPAN/build/arch into server/CPAN.

  2. Build the deb package
    Switch to the folder platforms\ and run buildme.pl with

    ./buildme.pl --build debian --buildDir ../build --sourceDir ../ --destDir ../final --fakeroot --arm

    Finally the deb package can be found at /final.


The latest deb package of the Logitech Mediaserver seems to lack armel support. A package for Debian Stretch with armel support can be downloaded here. It was build on and for a Qnap TS119 with Marvel SOC running Debian Stretch.